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The idea for the Coweta Drive-In began in 2020

The founders of Coweta Drive-In, Ed & Sandy Davis, have several decades of experience in food manufacturing. They also have understanding in owning and operating several franchised stores with a major international restaurant brand.

Ed & Sandy knew that to be successful in the restaurant business you need to have at least one unique item on your menu, one that only your restaurant offers.

The Davis’ then decided to open their first Drive-In restaurant! Mr. Davis had a vision for a variant of the “pig-in-a-blanket” to a “pig-in-a-poncho,” as he first called it. Then later settled on calling it the Chi-Wa-Wa, which is an all-beef hotdog wrapped in sharp cheese, inside a tortilla shell, and then deep-fried to perfection! You can top it off with either the in-house queso cheese dip or the house chili!

Other items on the menu are the Pork Tenderloin Sandwich and Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich. As well as a Mushroom Swiss Burger and Patty Melt, which are all great choices and have their own unique flavor, and are only available at Coweta Drive-In.

Coweta Drive-In continually searches for only high quality, locally manufactured foods from Oklahoma. Their goal is to remain a locally run business and employ, not only local to our community, but also people here in the state of Oklahoma! They always strive to do business with local food vendors and manufacturers.

Never skimping on the quality of foods purchased, they are always in the experimental process to test and taste only the best foods, so they can provide customers with the best food possible!

Coweta Drive doesn’t want to be just another drive-in restaurant, but to be your favorite drive-in destination


America's Coweta Drive-In, Open 11 to 8, Happy Hour 2 to 5
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